This is me

ProfilePicture_BV-com2Hi. I’m Blaise R. Vincz.

People often tell me I have a familiar face. I was born and raised in the great state of Indiana. I studied at the money pit known as The Herron School of Art and Design with focuses in Printmaking, Graphic Design and Furniture Design. I am now a Senior Designer at Studio Science where I get to work with a super talent team of creatives on all sorts of web and branding projects. When I am not at work you can find me with my wife, daughter, and dog wandering around nature or woodworking in my basement.

The phrase “jack of all trades but master of none” fits me pretty well. I am: a Believer, a husband, a father, a designer, a painter, a woodworker, a musician, a photographer, and a deep thinker.

Things I hope to accomplish in 2015:

  • Buy a house
  • Up my front-end skills
  • Illustrate more
  • Live more simply