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Let me start by saying that I don’t blog much, and I really try hard not to post my opinions on social media because I believe these kind of conversations are FAR more productive to have in person. My heart broke when I read the headline about Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, NC this morning. It’s such a tragedy. As I read the breaking news story, there was no mention of the killer’s name or where he could be – only that he was a white male in his 20’s, 5’9”, slender build, sandy blonde hair, in a distinct grey shirt, with a distinct car, and a distinct license plate. He shot and killed 9 people in a predominantly African American church in the middle of their worship service. This surely is a hate crime. My next thought was “they will catch this guy.” Not because of that […]

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First day with your new site?

It’s August 2008, I have just moved out to San Diego, CA to work for the non-profit Invisible Children. After a long day of traveling and meeting new 63 new faces (all living in one 7 bedroom 3 bathroom house, that’s a story for another day) I was exhausted and overwhelmed. I slept – I slept hard. The next morning at 6:30am I am rudely awaken by…

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Till Death Do Us Part

Okay, no big secret here. If you ask me I will talk about it but I was raised my a single, loving mother. My parents split up when I was young and shortly afterwards my dad died from cirrhosis of the liver. Obviously my father didn’t live a perfect life, one might even say he lived a selfish life because he never got the chance to see his only son, the bearer of his name, work through the problems and joys in life. My dad became a legend in my life. I heard stories from family and friends telling me how great my dad was and how much he WOULD HAVE loved me. We look a lot alike, we share talents of fine arts and music and math. He didn’t teach me these things, these are traits that he gave to me. Well long story short, my mother found an […]