First day with your new site?

Yes. Yes, it is.

Let me start by telling you a quick and pointless story:

It’s August 2008, I have just moved out to San Diego, CA to work for the non-profit Invisible Children. After a long day of traveling and meeting new 63 new faces (all living in one 7 bedroom 3 bathroom house, that’s a story for another day) I was exhausted and overwhelmed. I slept – I slept hard. The next morning at 6:30am I am rudely awaken by an obnoxious Andrew W. K. alarm clock. I understand the logic of waking up to Andrew W. K. but there is no way that I would ever be in a good mood if I had to do that every day. I digress. I couldn’t get back to sleep so I just got up, I was groggy but we all were. One was more groggy than the rest – what would become one of my favorite people in the house walks down the stairs and some how misses the last step and comes crashing down to the floor. Rather than some helpful gesture all I can manage to say is a very sarcastic “First day on your new legs?” From then on we became awesome friends and lived happily ever after.

Aren’t you glad you read that?

I have been wanting to update my site for quite some time now BUT it’s always the first thing to get put on the back burner when anything else comes up. First, I didn’t feel like I had enough work to display, then I felt like I didn’t have the time to invest, then, then, there is always something. I decided to just do it.

My hope is that I actually keep a blog. I feel like I actually live a pretty awesome life where some pretty noteworthy snippets happen. I can’t promise you what it will be about, but you probably don’t need that anyway. I can promise that I will be candid.

First day with my new site? Let’s be friends.

SIDENOTE: I am not friends with my roommates girlfriend currently, she “accidentally” turned the AC down to 60*
…at least I got to break out my new coat.

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