Let me start by saying that I don’t blog much, and I really try hard not to post my opinions on social media because I believe these kind of conversations are FAR more productive to have in person.

My heart broke when I read the headline about Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, NC this morning. It’s such a tragedy.

As I read the breaking news story, there was no mention of the killer’s name or where he could be – only that he was a white male in his 20’s, 5’9”, slender build, sandy blonde hair, in a distinct grey shirt, with a distinct car, and a distinct license plate. He shot and killed 9 people in a predominantly African American church in the middle of their worship service. This surely is a hate crime.

My next thought was “they will catch this guy.” Not because of that great description but because he is a white, mass murderer. I went to the coffee shop before work and I just prayed. I prayed for comfort, peace, and grace for this this community.

And it’s so predictable – a couple hours in and they have caught him. I don’t have any details on the arrest and I certainly was not there, so please don’t hear that I know anything other than this:

In my opinion, Dylann Roof was far more dangerous than Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Eric Gardener, Tamir Rice, Timothy Russell, and Malissa Williams combined. I mean no disrespect for those that I did not mention. I also am not saying that the police should have shot Dylann Roof. I am simply pointing out that there is an obvious injustice in the way these other cases were handled. I understand that it is much more complicated than I am making it. I don’t claim to know why these people were shot rather than arrested, I just wish that they were. It is heart breaking.

We watched the same thing happen when James Holmes shot up a movie theater in Colorado and when Eric Frein shot multiple police officers in the mountains of Pennsylvania.

I don’t have any answers, I just see an injustice in the country that I Iove. Christ is my only hope in this situation. We have to continue to pray for justice and grace.

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